Uncooked chicken isn’t the only food that can make you sick

If you’ve ever had food poisoning, we don’t need to tell you how annoying and horrible it is. Feeling sick and not being able to keep anything down is certainly no fun. That’s why it’s true that prevention is the best way to fight food poisoningmuch better than any remedy. Therefore, be careful with these foods, because they can also make you sick.

You can also get food poisoning from these foods.

Eggs sunny side up

A fried egg looks so appetizing. It quickly looks less beautiful and is no fun when it infects and knocks you out. Salmonella is one of the largest evildoers of food poisoning, and you can catch it with an unhealthy egg, such as a fried egg or a soft-boiled egg. Fortunately, that chance is very small. However, if you Are preparing an egg for young children, pregnant women, the elderly or anyone with a weakened immune system, make sure the egg is fully cooked.


Often we smell something to determine whether it is still good. So if your tuna still smells normal, is it not edible? Unfortunately, that method is not entirely effective. When raw fish is stored incorrectly, bacteria are created grow and and you can get food poisoning. How can you prevent this? Put your tuna in the refrigerator as soon as possible after purchase and cook it thoroughly.

What are some other foods that can also cause food poisoning? Read more about it on the next page.

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