With these tips you might make your barbecue a great success!

We love a good barbecue and the season for it has now officially started. If the temperatures are even halfway decent enough to go outside and do some grilling in the yard, we’re going to do it. We also like to invite our friends and family for a nice barbecue. Do you also love a good barbecue and would you like to impress your friends with your BBQ skills? Then these seven tips will definitely come in handy!

With these barbecue tips you can take your grilling skills to a higher level!

1. Coal

You need charcoal to grill. If you’re the type of BBQ-er who spreads the coals all over the grill, we’re here to tell you that’s your first big mistake. It is much smarter to use different zones. By working with hot and cold zones on your barbecue, you can place a piece of meat that is not yet cooked on the inside but is already starting to brown on the outside on a cooler part of the grill. No more burnt sausages and burgers from now on!

2. Onion and spices

Want to add a little more flavor to the food you’re grilling? Cut a large onion in half and rub the inside of the onion on the grate of your barbecue. This has two advantages: it gives more flavor to the food, but it also helps to clean the grill. It is therefore smart to do this gradually as well. Another smart tip is to sprinkle some fresh rosemary on the hot coals to give your grilled dishes a nice smoky, spicy flavor.

3. Heating

Is it time to grill your burgers and steaks? Then heat is your best friend. To check whether your barbecue is hot enough, you can hold your hands 10 centimeters above the grate and count: twenty-one, twenty-two… Do you now have to pull your hand away because it’s getting too hot? Then you know it’s time to put the burgers and steaks on it. Steak does not have to cook all the way through and therefore does not burn. Burgers will also not burn because they contain a lot of fat.

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