Bananas are delicious and super healthy. You can put them in a smoothie, mix them into your yogurt or just eat them as a snack! The yellow fruit is packed with vitamins and can serve as a healthy alternative to a sweet snack. It will fill you up and keep you good to go for a while! We often throw away those with brown spots, because they are past the date. Right?

Do you eat browned bananas?


Whether you like bananas that are on the green side or a little brown is a personal preference. A green and a bright yellow banana clearly taste different. But what about the science behind it? A banana starts out green and becomes increasingly yellow as it begins to ripen. Eventually, brown spots will appear and the banana will turn brown all over. A yellow banana is much sweeter than a green banana. This is due to the enzymes contained in it. Enzymes turn the starch into sugar, making the banana sweeter.


The curved yellow fruit contains many vitamins and is a healthy substitute for sweet snacks such as biscuits and chocolate. Bananas are very filling thanks to their carbohydrates and fiber. Especially people who exercise a lot can benefit from eating bananas, because bananas can prevent muscle cramps and give you a lot of energy. A recent study has shown that bananas with brown spots are even healthier than unblemished ones. So basically it’s those we should be eating. Eating an overripe banana has some benefits you’d never expect, so keep reading!

Research has shown that eating a brownish banana has incredible health benefits. We are quite impressed with them, so we have put them in a handy list for you. On the next page you will find all the health benefits of speckled bananas.

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