Aluminium foil; it is indispensable in every kitchen. You can use it in countless different ways, but today we’re going to show you what it can do for your health!

You can use it to curl your hair, clean the grill of your BBQ and iron your clothes. Oh, and of course it comes in very handy when it comes to food storage! But did you know that applying aluminum foil to your body can be the solution for all kinds of ailments? Read on to find out what aluminum foil can do for you and how to use it!

Feeling tired?
Who would have thought: aluminum foil can do wonders against fatigue. All you need is some foil and a freezer!

Tear off a few strips of foil the size of your face and put them in the freezer before going to bed. Do you wake up tired with bags under your eyes? Remove the foil strips from the freezer and place them on your face. The cooling effect of the foil will reduce the swelling on your face, making you appear And feel less tired.

We’re definitely going to try this next time we’re pulling an all-nighter!

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