We use our washing machines and dishwashers so often that we take their automatic cleaning power for granted. We believe that since these devices are made to wipe away dirt, it is impossible for them to get dirty themselves. But you may have noticed that your machine isn’t getting things as clean as it used to…

Do you ever clean your washing machine? Many people don’t, but it’s actually very important because it prevents a lot of problems. Experts recommend running a load of one or two detergent tablets once a month. Set the machine to 90 degrees Celsius for best results. This prevents unpleasant odors and rinses the machine clean, which prevents blockages. This trick is especially useful for machines 5 years and older, as it can significantly extend the life of the machine.

We also have a bonus tip for you for washing new clothes. Soak the new clothes in cold water overnight before washing them the next day. This ensures that they do not change color or shrink!

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