You probably recognize it: you are very proud of your beautiful sparkling glass shower cubicle, but before you know it it is covered in limescale. A disgrace! Once the limescale has set, it is quite a job to remove. And even if you finally succeed, you have to do it again two weeks later! You can prevent this if you follow our handy trick!

Limescale is a persistent and annoying problem that often occurs in bathrooms on surfaces such as faucets or glass walls. If we take a shower and then do not dry the shower cubicle quickly enough, the limescale present in our tap water settles on our sanitary facilities. That looks awful and makes your shower stall dull and dirty. Fortunately, you can prevent all this nuisance by applying the following tip!

This is what you need:

This is how you do it:
First of all, make sure that your shower cubicle (as far as possible) is free of limescale. Then spray WD40 on all surfaces where you want to prevent limescale. Let it work for a while, then rinse and rub dry with a lint-free cloth. By greasing your glass doors/walls with WD40, you create a protective layer on the surface. This means that the lime in the tap water cannot precipitate on the glass. Ideal or something?

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