Yum, we love eggs for breakfast! But there are a lot of stubborn ambiguities about eating it. Because how many eggs is a healthy amount, and what about cholesterol?

What we always wonder about is the question of which is healthier to eat: a boiled egg or a fried egg? Does it matter nutritionally?

It turns out that there is indeed a difference between eating a boiled egg or a fried egg, and that is due to the way it is prepared and the fat you use. A fried egg contains about twice as much fat and saturated fat (17.6 g fat, of which 5.6 g is saturated) than a boiled egg (8.8 g fat, of which 2.9 g is saturated). That’s something to keep in mind.

In addition, quite a few vitamins are lost during the frying of an egg. Conclusion: a boiled egg is healthier. You also prevent the danger of salmonella by boiling an egg, because the bacteria will not survive if you go for a hard-boiled egg. However, if you eat a soft-boiled egg, you still run the risk of salmonella!

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