Everyone in the supermarket simply passes by for certain products, because no one knows what to use them for. WD-40 is definitely one of those products. You can find the blue spray can at any Target or hardware store, but few people know how brilliant it really is!

And that’s a shame, because once you know all the possible uses for WD-40, you’ll go straight to it in the store. This is just a small selection of the many things you can use this wonder drug for! And to make it even better, it won’t cost you more than four dollars. What’s not to love?

  • Scratches on your car: Do you have ugly scratches on the paint of your car? No problem. Spray a small amount of WD-40 on the scratch and rub until it’s gone!
  • Corroded bolts or nuts? Spray them with WD-40 and they will come off in no time.
  • chewing gum in your hair, we’ve all experienced it. It’s such a nightmare because most of the time you have to cut the gum out of your hair, which results in a very unflattering look. You can now prevent this kind of tragedy by spraying some WD-40 in your hair. Then you can just comb the gum out!
  • Make your shoes waterproof? Spray them with WD-40!
  • Oh no, your ring is stuck on your finger! Usually you have to cut the ring to get it off. But if you spray a little bit of WD-40 on it, it will slide right off your finger.
  • You can remove very easily decals without leaving those ugly sticky bits behind.
  • Is your leather jacket fading? Spray a little WD-40 on it and it will look like new again.
  • If you spilled coffee or tea on your carpet, spray this miracle cure on the stain. Let it soak in for two minutes and you can easily remove the stain with carpet cleaner!
  • Got grease, oil or lubricant on your hands? With WD-40 they will be clean in no time!
  • Snails in your garden? Spray some WD-40 on the outside of your jars and the slugs will stay away from it!

And this is just a small list of the many uses of this substance. In any case, we rush to the store to buy this, and you? If you have any more useful WD-40 tips, let us know!

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