Many households have to deal with it and of course you want it gone quickly; those pesky silverfish. If you find yourself with an unwanted silverfish beetle (or even a whole bunch of them) and want to do something about it, here are some easy approaches. Keep reading.

Silverfish are attracted to moisture. Because new houses are better insulated, the humidity increases, which attracts more silverfish. But you won’t only find them in modern homes, as they seem to love any place where it’s nice and warm. It’s also pretty annoying to know they hang out in cold, wet, and dark places like the attic or even under the bathroom sink. We are pretty sure you would love to receive some tips on how to prevent and get rid of them first.

To combat those unwanted bugs, you can do two things; you can try to catch them or try to chase them away. What you need first is a trap. You will need an empty jam jar, duck tape, and a small piece of bread to make the trap. Wrap the jam jar with duck tape and put a piece of bread in it. Place the jar somewhere you know many silverfish like to hide. The silverfish will crawl into the jar, tempted by the bread, but will not be able to get out of the jar because of the smooth glass walls. Too bad for them! You can also use a spray to deter the critters. Take a spray bottle (this can also be an empty glass bottle) and fill it with 250ml of water. Add a few drops of lavender oil and a lemon juice. Start spreading the spray and see what happens.

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