It may sound strange, but this could be an ideal solution for anyone with a small kitchen.

One of the most annoying household chores is doing the dishes. Whoever invented the dishwasher, we owe you a lot. This device washes your dishes for you in no time. At least, that was the purpose of it. Did you know that your dishwasher can be used for more than just washing dishes and cutlery?

We at Tips & Tricks thought we had heard of most kitchen hacks, but this one managed to surprise us. Who would have thought that?

To cook

Okay, so before we talk about what your dishwasher can do other than clean, let’s talk about cooking. Cooking is essentially the use of heat to prepare food for consumption. You can use steam to cook couscous or throw some salmon in the oven. Those cooking methods actually do the same thing: they heat your food.

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