Clean your TV so you can watch all your favorite shows and movies in HD

Your TV, like the rest of your home, gets dusty and dirty. And that means, like the rest of your home, it needs to be cleaned too. But how do you clean such a delicate device? You can’t just clean it the same way you do other items in your home. You could damage it! This way you can clean your TV without scratching it.


The secret to cleaning your TV screen without damaging it is a microfiber cloth. According to experts, it is the best way to clean your screens. Leanne Stapf, cleaning expert and COO at The Cleaning Authority, explains Well + Good: “Microfibers prevent scratches on the screen during cleaning and do not leave lint behind. Other cloths or towels, such as kitchen paper or rags, are too hard and leave scratches that can affect the quality of the screen.” The microfibre cloths not only remove dust and dirt from your screen, they also remove fingerprints.


And there is not really a difficult method to apply either. You just have to be really slow and patient. “It is best to gently and slowly move the cloth up and down or side to side. Circular movements can leave streaks on the screen,” explains Stapf. If you’re dealing with some more stubborn stains, you can use some laptop screen cleaner on your TV. But only if you spray the cleaner on a cloth and then wipe the screen. “Don’t spray the water directly on the screen,” Stapf warns. Also, don’t use regular Windex or anything like that. “Cleaning products like Windex can contain harsh chemicals that can harm the screen,” explains Stapf. “With the sensitivity of the latest screen technology, a dry cleaning method would be best.”

And always remember to check the instructions that came with your TV. There is probably a mention of the best way to clean your screen. This way you ensure that you don’t damage your screen during cleaning.

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Source: Well + Good | Image: Unsplash, Kam Idris