Did you know?

Aluminum foil seems to be the best solution to keep your leftovers fresh for longer. You just put a piece of foil over your food and it’s good for round 2. Anyway, you would think so. Unfortunately, foil is not the best way to do this. Read on now to find out why!

Aluminium foil

We use aluminum foil for a lot of things in the kitchen. Sometimes you use it for cooking and other times we use it to pack our leftovers. But did you know that it’s actually not good to use it for the latter?


It seems quite harmless to wrap your leftover meat in aluminum foil. Just put it in the fridge and you can reheat it the next day. Unfortunately, foil does not work well enough to prevent oxygen from entering the food. This allows bacteria to grow. This also means that your food won’t taste as good the next day and will spoil just as quickly as if you hadn’t packed it at all.

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