A refrigerator that is too warm can cost you up to 75 euros a month in food waste

It’s always annoying when you think you have some delicious leftovers in your fridge only to open the Tupperware container and find out that the food is definitely not edible anymore. Does this happen to you regularly? Then it may have to do with the temperature of your fridge; maybe you set it too high. As a result, the food you put in it spoils faster.

Many people have their refrigerator set to too high a temperature.

Food waste

We all want to prevent food waste, because that is such a shame, but it happens to all of us sometimes. Do you want to try to waste as little food as possible? First check the temperature of your fridge. Research by the British food waste organization WRAP shows that British households throw away £70 worth of food because their fridge is set to the wrong temperature.

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